Fall Sports and Chiropractic Care: Why Would You Need It?

Fall is here, and with the season, comes many beloved, high-impact fall sports like hockey and football. According to experts, 90 percent of the top athletes are under the care of a chiropractor to prevent injuries and improve sports performance. Without a doubt, Chiropractic care offers athletes numerous benefits.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes


Why would an athlete even benefit from chiropractic care? One of the most frequently cited benefits of chiropractic treatments is improved range of motion. Football and hockey players go through rigorous training and can suffer huge blows during games, which can disrupt spinal alignment and restrict movement, leading to pain and tension in athletes’ joints. With regular chiropractic care, athletes can get their bodies back into top condition and prevent further injuries.

Numerous studies have found that football and hockey players are at greater risk for neck and back pain. One study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that athletes saw a significant reduction in pain after “exercise, biomechanical modifications, and manual therapy” under the care of a chiropractor. This reduction in pain decreases the need for strong pain pills, which are very addictive even after short periods of time. 

Perhaps most importantly, patients undergoing chiropractic care report that they are highly satisfied with the results of their treatments. In a 2015 study, 92% of 544  participants reported reduced pain, and 80% reported increased mobility. The researchers concluded that patients were highly satisfied with their chiropractic treatments.

But what about the cost? Is chiropractic treatment expensive?

Actually, chiropractic care can be very cost efficient than repeat visits to the doctor and expensive prescriptions. One study conducted in 2016 found that patients under the care of a chiropractor had less expensive costs overall in comparison to those who were not receiving chiropractic care. In addition to this, the length of their treatments was shorter as well.

An alternative to surgeries, which are invasive and often require a long recovery time, is chiropractic therapy. Some examples of the noninvasive treatment techniques include but are not limited to treatment methods, such as electrical muscle stimulation, dry needling, massage, stretch exercises, electrical muscle stimulation, and tools to help rid players of scar tissue.

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It’s not just for athletes– all people suffering from stiffness or pain can benefit from chiropractic care. However, athletes who push their bodies to the limits in high-impact sports like hockey and football should consider ongoing chiropractic care. Many studies have shown the numerous benefits from this cost effective and noninvasive treatment. You’ll be thrilled at how quickly you reap the rewards of chiropractic therapy.

Our office not only offers chiro care, but also physical therapy and massage therapy. Please swing by our Everett location or call to book an appointment today: (425) 347-8614.

Fall Sports and Chiropractic Care
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Fall Sports and Chiropractic Care
Numerous studies have found that football and hockey players are at greater risk for neck and back pain. Can chiro care help?
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