The Role of Massage Therapy in Injury Rehabilitation

Massage therapists routinely treat people to relieve tight muscles from stress. Not only is massage excellent relaxation therapy, but medical evidence supports using massage therapy in injury rehabilitation.

Health care has included massage therapy for thousands of years. Human structure and conditions, like musculoskeletal injuries, pregnancies, stress, and disease, are affected by muscle tone and conditioning.

Studies have indicated that consistently applied force on injured muscles squeezes inflammation-causing cells from the muscles. The results of the controlled circumstances in the studies showed muscle regeneration and reduced tissue scarring were significant.

There are many techniques for massage therapy. When a medical professional provides a diagnosis for their patient, the therapist can use the appropriate massage technique to support the recommended rehabilitation path.

Examples of conditions could be Runner’s Knee, torn rotator cuffs, whiplash, sciatica, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries, or work-related injuries.

Another factor in determining the type of massage therapy applied would be a patient’s medical conditions. Knowing if a patient has heart or blood pressure issues, anxiety, depression, or previous injuries is all pertinent information for treatment.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage can help release muscle knots. It uses a combination of kneading, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart, passive joint movement, and circular motions.

Swedish massage can be a supportive treatment for low back, neck, and shoulder injuries. Studies indicate the relief may be temporary but effective when combined with exercise.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than Swedish massage. The massage therapist will use deep finger pressure to relieve tension in the connective tissue and the deepest layers of muscle.

Research on Deep Tissue massage suggests the technique may help with recovery by improving circulation to reduce swelling, reduce the buildup of fluid around the injury, improve the range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness in the affected joints.

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Sports Massage

Massage therapists apply sports massage to the entire body or injured area. The therapist may use different pressures or strokes depending on the injury and limb stretching techniques.

Limb stretching during sports massage can be beneficial to increase flexibility and range of motion of the joints. Sports massage can lower an athlete’s stress levels, increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. All these factors lead to improved injury rehabilitation.

Reflexology and Shiatsu Massage

Massage therapists use Reflexology and Shiatsu to relax or restore energy levels. The therapist will apply firm pressure on different pressure points on the hands, feet, and ears in Reflexology, and Shiatsu works the whole body.

These two forms of massage can improve a person’s recovery from injury by affecting their internal energy system. There is limited research, but studies have found that shiatsu massage can complement standard injury treatment for low back pain.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle massage to move lymphatic fluids through the body.  Because it removes toxins and improves circulation, lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful in the healing process of many conditions.

Rehabilitation specialists often use Ice, compression, and elevation, which are effective therapies, but manual lymphatic drainage promotes more effective edema reduction after an injury.

Massage therapy has its place in the world of injury rehabilitation. Assembling an appropriate team of health and wellness providers can and will provide the best possible treatments for each individual, and remaining open to the possibilities can be life-altering for them.

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