The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Low Back Pain

Most humans are likely to experience some form of low back pain during their lives. Injuries, obesity, medical conditions, pregnancy, or any other physiological cause could create this pain; however, recent research has linked some low back pain to insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Chronic pain has always been an apparent reason for poor sleep, but what makes this study unique is showing that a person’s poor sleep may cause low back pain. Specialists may improve a person’s chronic low back pain by treating the causes of poor sleep.

Significance of the Study

Specialists have previously treated chronic low back pain without asking questions or understanding a patient’s sleeping patterns. People have used prescribed and over-the-counter pain relievers to treat their low back pain without knowing that they perhaps just needed a better night’s sleep.


Treatable Reasons for Lack of Sleep

There are many reasons for lack of sleep, like too much stimulation before bedtime. This reason could include a person watching too much television before bed, having too much caffeine and exercising, or playing video games, which are under the person’s complete control to change.

In other cases, a person may be experiencing a great deal of stress, noise disturbances, or a work schedule that is detrimental to their sleep. Depression, other mental health issues, and restless legs syndrome should include a physician’s advice.

If a person has no physical reasons or disorder causing their low back pain, they may be relieved by changing their sleep positions or mattress.

There are cases where some people are genetically predisposed to poor sleep. This group of people need less than six and a half hours of sleep at night but feel well-rested and without pain in the morning.

A person can keep a sleep diary that notes any low back pain they may be experiencing. This notetaking is extremely helpful in a specialist’s challenge to define the best overall treatment.

sleeping journal
Keep a sleep diary to track your sleep patterns


The diary should also include the day’s activities, naps, bed, and waking times. The analysis can be all-inclusive if the journaling provides food, drinks, moods, and medications. With the diary information, a physician may order a sleep study test.

Treatments for Poor Sleep to Lessen Low Back Pain

The most uncomplicated treatment for poor sleep may be for the patient to create a better sleep environment in their rooms. Darkening curtains, cool temperatures, and a noise-free place to call it a day are always the first place to create change.

The next area for a patient to explore is avoiding napping, stimulating activities before bed, listening to music, or taking a hot bath to provide the extra care needed for a good night’s sleep. These lifestyle choices are healthy even if a person isn’t experiencing low back pain.

A physician may prescribe an appropriate sleep aid or medication for any anxiety disorders or depression the patient’ may be experiencing. These prescriptions may help with any worry, stress, or mental health issues interfering with their sleep.

A sleep diary will be helpful to you and your physician when taking these medications to document if symptoms, sleep, and low back pain is relieved. Patients who work closely with specialists and provide adequate information will achieve more accurate diagnoses, treatment, and the fastest relief from their low back pain.

Low Back Pain: Chiropractic Help in Everett, Wa

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The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Low Back Pain
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The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Low Back Pain
Recent research has linked some low back pain to insomnia and sleep disturbances. Do you experience back pain during sleep? Do you think your sleeping habits are effecting your health?
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