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sleep back pain

The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Low Back Pain

Most humans are likely to experience some form of low back pain during their lives. Injuries, obesity, medical conditions, pregnancy, or any other physiological cause could create this pain; however, recent research has linked some low back pain to insomnia and sleep disturbances. Chronic pain has always been an apparent reason for poor sleep, but what makes this study unique…

slipping and falling accidents

Fall Injuries in the Winter: How Can You Prevent Them?

Every year, 3 million older adults go to the emergency room for fall injuries, and about 800,000 of them are hospitalized. Falls aren’t just dangerous for older adults, though. Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). No matter your age, you should know your risk of falling and how you can prevent it. Snow and ice make…

car accident injuries

Physical Therapy After Your Car Accident

Many people who walk away from an automobile accident are not feeling any pain symptoms at the time. However, symptoms from this body trauma sometimes won’t be felt for days or even weeks after the accident. It is crucial for a casualty victim to be evaluated for physical therapy as soon as possible after a car accident because severe symptoms…

Top pt in Everett, Wa

Top Physical Therapists in Everett

After sustaining an injury and going through pain and/or surgery, it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But as your physician has directed, in order to regain your normal function and to get back to your old self, physical therapy is a must. Whether your goal is to get mobility back, ease pain, manage a…

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