Physical Therapy After Your Car Accident

Many people who walk away from an automobile accident are not feeling any pain symptoms at the time. However, symptoms from this body trauma sometimes won’t be felt for days or even weeks after the accident.

It is crucial for a casualty victim to be evaluated for physical therapy as soon as possible after a car accident because severe symptoms of body trauma can bring additional pain and mobility issues as time progresses.

Symptoms of possible injury to be aware of are:

  • Neck, arm, upper back stiffness
  • Numbing in arms, neck, hands, and upper back
  • Nausea, headache, and dizziness
  • Hip, lower back, and knee pain
  • Foot, ankle, toe pain or numbness
  • Any ache or pain not previously felt before the accident

Multiple variations of these symptoms can contribute to an automobile accident victim’s pain or mobility problems. A casualty victim receiving the appropriate care can limit future suffering.

It is important for the injured person to receive a one-on-one and head-to-toe analysis with a specialist to evaluate and prepare a custom treatment program. Each individual involved with any accident is unique and requires an exclusive path to healing.

Different Methods of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists or chiropractors may incorporate different methods into a program to treat a car accident injury.

Manual therapy may be used by a therapist to adjust and mobilize joints. This type of therapy will decrease scar tissue, reduce inflammation, and allow the tissue surrounding the joints to heal as quickly as possible.

A therapist often uses specialized equipment to implement heat, cold, and electrotherapy to the affected area. This also reduces inflammation and allows more movement and less pressure to the affected area.

Other physical therapy treatments may include acupuncture, ultrasound, aquatic therapy, and intramuscular stimulation. The purpose of these techniques is to help relieve muscle tightness and spasms to decrease recovery time.

The therapist may discuss and coach custom exercises to allow patient control and daily therapy. Exercising can reduce a patient’s joint pain, build muscle strength, and maintain flexibility of the spine.

Everett physical therapy

A therapist may also develop specialized or customized braces or slings appropriate to support the patient’s affected area. Sometimes the added support relieves the pressure and allows faster healing of the patient’s affected joint.

Automobile accident victims need to be worry-free about lasting symptoms and their future health. Some insurance companies are limited in their coverage of an auto accident injury, so an accurate accounting of needs following an accident is imperative.

Getting at the root cause of a patient’s injury as quickly as possible is where a physical therapist’s expertise will be invaluable. Not only will a patient’s healing process of strengthening or stabilizing the affected area begin, but the therapist will be able to assist in efficiently managing any future pain or dysfunction resulting from the accident.

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