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dry needle

How Does Dry Needling Help with Pain?

Muscle pain, a prevalent discomfort experienced by many, has the potential to significantly hinder our daily lives. As a pervasive sensation ranging from mild soreness to debilitating agony, muscle pain can arise due to various factors such as physical overexertion, injury, stress, or underlying medical conditions. This discomfort not only diminishes our ability to engage in routine activities but can…

chiropractic care

Fall Sports and Chiropractic Care: Why Would You Need It?

Fall is here, and with the season, comes many beloved, high-impact fall sports like hockey and football. According to experts, 90 percent of the top athletes are under the care of a chiropractor to prevent injuries and improve sports performance. Without a doubt, Chiropractic care offers athletes numerous benefits. Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes   Why would an athlete…

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