Winter Wellness: Keeping Up Healthy Habits This Season

Winter months are known for the increase of cold, flu, and other respiratory viruses. The days are shorter, and it’s cold outside, so humans retreat to the indoors.

Staying indoors with artificial warmth, closed windows, and proximity to other (possibly virus-infected) humans, stresses the immune system. As a result, the vicious cycle of illness remains in effect.

Humans can take simple, preventative measures to help optimize immune systems and possibly fend off those pesky ailments of cold temperatures and decreased sun exposure.

Proactive Winter Wellness Tips:

Nutritious Winter Fruits and Vegetables

A well-balanced winter diet includes many freshly harvested fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, apples, tangerines, and winter squash. These foods are a powerhouse for the strengthening of the immune system.

eating nutritiously
Mind your nutrition during the winter (and all year round)

Maintaining a Regular Sleep Schedule

Even though the body may want more sleep, research shows no biological need for more sleep during the winter. By keeping the same sleep pattern, the body may benefit from the predictable slumber time year-round. Napping during the day in a warm and cozy bed might seem inviting, but this can make it more difficult to stay asleep all night.

Continue to Exercise

It is a challenge to continue exercising during the winter months. Shorter days lead to less time, and the colder temperatures make it harder to be motivated to exercise.

With a lack of exercise and daylight, Seasonal Affective Disorder can drain energy, motivation, and interest in daily activities.

There are other issues at play in the body that make exercise more challenging to maintain. The cold air contracts the body’s muscles making them reluctant to stretch. This muscle resistance can lead to injuries of the joints, back, and neck.

exercise for health
Don’t pause your exercise routine during the winter

Maximize the Power of the Immune System

The human immune system is incredibly complex. The purpose is to defend the body against any viruses or infections. Nerve cells in the spine tell the immune system when to fight off body invaders.

With continuous body pain, several things happen. Cortisol levels increase blood pressure and weight gain. Also, the immune system becomes stressed. The risk of viruses, infections, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes becomes more familiar with a weakened immune system.

Wintertime Support and Resources

A person in need of support with their health during the winter months may find it as close as their nearest Chiropractor (Everett Spine and Rehab services everyone in the Snohomish County and surrounding areas). Chiropractic care is focused not only on spine health but also on the whole person and their wellness issues.

With the Chiropractor’s help, keeping the spine in alignment may increase the power of the individual immune system. This action may also reduce the level of pain some people experience, allowing for more body movement.

The Chiropractor can offer exercises that keep the muscles elongated, and joints strengthened. Also, many Chiropractors have extended knowledge of supplements and nutrition that can also help with sleep difficulties.

Winter months can be a time of healing with the proper support. The domino effect of health issues in the body may be all that is between humans and physical illness.

Chiropractic care just may be the key to winter wellness. By maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system, and a healthy immune system, wintertime can entertain more exercise, more outdoor activities, better sleep, less seasonal affective disorders, and less physical illness.

Everett Spine & Rehab

Everett Spine and Rehab located in Snohomish County, is available for your wellness needs. We offer chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy services for your auto, work and other injury related ailments.

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