When Should I See an Everett Chiropractor?

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor, you may wonder what even is the point of seeing one? You know it has something to do with backs and spines but what specifically would make someone book an appointment? What can a chiropractor do for you?

Just as one may see their primary care physician to treat an infection, a viral condition or disease, someone may visit a chiropractor for back pain, neck pain, and even sleep problems. Chiropractic treatment is also known as “complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)” and does not involve the use of drugs. A chiropractor is trained to perform spinal manipulation and manual therapy with the goal have having the body heal itself. Manual treatment includes methods such as low force to high force manipulation of the spine depending on the specific needs of the patient.

What is Spinal Manipulation and Chiropractor Treatment Specifically Used For?

According to a 2012 National Health Interview Survey showed that among U.S. adults who used chiropractor or osteopathic manipulation:

  • 43% used it for general wellness or disease prevention
  • 25% used it because it focuses on the whole person
  • 16% used it to improve energy
  • 11% used it for better immune function
  • 5% used it to improve concentration or memory

If you have any questions on how Everett Spine & Rehab can help you, we are here. Meet our doctors and staff then give us a call at 425-347-8614.

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