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What is Psoas Syndrome and How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Psoas syndrome is a rare and often misdiagnosed condition that presents itself as chronic lower back pain. This condition occurs when the psoas muscle becomes injured and anyone can get it, but runners and athletes are more likely to get injured. The psoas muscles are up to 16 inches long and extend from each side of your spine to connect…

can tai chi help with lower back pain

Can Tai Chi Help with Back Pain?

Back pain. Those two little words resonate with so many! After all, back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives. The pain can be dull and constant or sudden and sharp. Needless to say, those who suffer from chronic pain seek relief wherever and however they can. Treatments vary depending on your condition, and…

Everett chiropractor

When Should I See an Everett Chiropractor?

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor, you may wonder what even is the point of seeing one? You know it has something to do with backs and spines but what specifically would make someone book an appointment? What can a chiropractor do for you? Just as one may see their primary care physician to treat an infection, a viral condition…

Everett Chiropractor for Back Pain

6 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain

Lower back pain is a persistent throbbing ailment that will limit quality of life, especially after mid life. You’ve either experienced this and can attest, or you will at some point in life. According to health.harvard.edu, lower back pain affects about 80% of the population, usually in older age. It is a natural progression of living life as the bone…

Back Pain Everett

Does Yoga Really Help for Back Pain?

The practice of yoga is an ancient one—the earliest form dates back to approximately 3,000 BC. Today, yoga is synonymous with exercise and healthy living. You may have heard it’s great for building flexibility and strength (and a whole host of other health benefits). But you’ve got back pain and you want to know will it help?     The good news is that studies have evidence that yoga…

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