6 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain

Lower back pain is a persistent throbbing ailment that will limit quality of life, especially after mid life. You’ve either experienced this and can attest, or you will at some point in life. According to health.harvard.edu, lower back pain affects about 80% of the population, usually in older age.

It is a natural progression of living life as the bone and tissue in the lower back begin to degenerate. The majority of low back pain can be traced to mechanical wear and tear on the joints, discs or bones, according to ninds.nih.gov. The question is, can we do anything about it?

The first step in trying to ease back pain should be a lifestyle choice. We might not be able to control natural degeneration due to aging yet, but we can control lifestyle. Things like avoiding strain due to heavy lifting or overuse, being careful to avoid accidents or unusual positions will help with alleviating unnecessary pressure on the lower back.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind for ways to ease back pain:

Correct sleep posture

Sleep posture is often overlooked. Sleeping in unnatural or awkward positions can add immense pressure to the lower back. Make sure bedding is of good quality, and be sure not to arch the back in unnatural angles. Sleeping on the side can remove most of that pressure.

Temperature therapy

Using a cold or hot pads after injury can help with swelling and inflammation. It can also sooth pain after an injury by relaxing the associated muscles.

easing back painExercise

It may sound counter intuitive, but strengthening the core muscle groups around the spine allows for better support of natural everyday body movements. Just avoid lifting too heavily and unnatural positions.

Anti inflammatory medication

over the counter nsaids can help reduce swelling and inflammation after an injury and can help relieve pain. It’s not a cure, but it can help in moments of acute aches.


Massage therapy helped to reduce pain and improve function faster than typical medical care in people with chronic low-back pain, according to a 2011 study. Consider going to a massage therapist for your low back pain.

See a doctor

Pain may be an indicator that more serious medical treatment is necessary. Seeing a doctor or a specialist early on can avoid years of unnecessary pain.

For those living in the Everett or Snohomish County area, please come see us. We can provide an examination and help determine a best plan of action to treat your back pain. Please call us at 425-347-8614 to schedule an appointment!

6 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain
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6 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain
According to health.harvard.edu, lower back pain affects about 80% of the population, usually in older age. What are ways you can ease it?
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