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Post-Surgery Recovery and Summer Activities: A Guide for Back Surgery Patients

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and outdoor activities. However, if you’ve recently undergone back surgery, you might be wondering how to safely enjoy the season while continuing your recovery. The most common types of back surgeries include discectomy (removal of herniated disc material), laminectomy (removal of part of the vertebra to relieve pressure on the spinal cord), and…

wellness during winter

Winter Wellness: Keeping Up Healthy Habits This Season

Winter months are known for the increase of cold, flu, and other respiratory viruses. The days are shorter, and it’s cold outside, so humans retreat to the indoors. Staying indoors with artificial warmth, closed windows, and proximity to other (possibly virus-infected) humans, stresses the immune system. As a result, the vicious cycle of illness remains in effect. Humans can take…

Snohomish County physical therapist

What to Look for in Physical Therapist

Shopping for a new couch, a great pair of running shoes, or a refrigerator? You know the steps it takes to make a sound decision. You ask your friends, check out reviews on Amazon and watch some videos on the product. If the features fit and the price is right (if price is a factor), then you make the purchase.…

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