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We’ve all seen them; the sports’ movies where the star athlete gets severely hurt and goes to physical therapy to get themselves back into shape for the next season. At the end, after a fast-paced montage, they are triumphant and ready to take on the world. While this can happen and is definitely a fantastic use of physical therapy, it’s not the only one. Physical therapy usually induces thoughts of pain, injury, and perhaps extreme rehabilitation, but it turns out, it doesn’t always have to be that way. In fact, physical therapy can be used for ailments from vertigo to jaw pain to pelvic floor conditions, says Medstarhealth.

One of the uncommon ways to seek physical therapy (and perhaps one of the smartest), is preventatively. According to the Cleveland Clinic, using physical therapy before an injury can help mobility, balance and strength. Carpal tunnel may be caused by texting, a knee ache could have to do with the hips, and neck pain could be from typing. Being proactive about even small pains your body is having can help you move better, and figure out how to address it next time, said the article.

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Another ailment physical therapy can help with is TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). If you’ve heard of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint, aka, the bone that connects your jaw to your skull), you’ve probably had pain from it. You can tell if you have pain chewing, pain in your ear, face, jaw, or neck, headaches, or popping sounds when you open or close your mouth, says Healthline. It isn’t commonly known, but physical therapy can help with this. After identifying the problem, find a physical therapist that specializes in musculoskeletal problems with a craniofacial focus, says the American Physical Therapy Association. They will take a look at your posture, improving jaw movement, and may refer you to a dentist that can further help you. There are even special pain treatments like electrical stimulation and ultrasound to reduce severe cases of pain, says the article.

It may be commonly known by now, but it probably isn’t a party conversation; physical therapy for your pelvic floor. If you’re having issues with the urinary or reproductive parts of your body, there is a physical therapy for that, says WebMD. As a small anatomy refresher, the pelvic floor keeps the bladder in place in the front and the vagina and rectum in the back for a woman, and the bladder, bowels, urethra, and rectum in place for a man. It’s safe to say the pelvic floor is extraordinarily important. A physical therapist can take you through a specialized program of exercises to help relieve pain and restore muscle function. Some of the techniques include electrical stimulation, Kegels, trigger point therapy, and biofeedback, says the article.

There’s lots of ways physical therapy can help your overall health, prevent further injury, and keep you moving with ease. It may not be as dramatic as recovering from a sports injury as the team’s star player, but it really can make a big difference in your day to day life. There’s also nothing wrong with a little montage while you are at the physical therapist’s office, too.

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