Preventing Back Injury: What Can You Do?


Back injuries are most common during a person’s most productive time of life. Not only can back injuries cause financial concerns, but they can be the cause of lifelong struggles with pain and discomfort.

Injury to the back can affect any area between the neck to the tailbone or coccyx area. The muscles and ligaments supporting the spine and the vertebrae are usually the most affected. Still, damage to the spinal discs can radiate pain throughout a person’s whole body.

Spinal discs absorb shock to the spine and separate the vertebrae when the body is moving. Pain can be felt by back patients with any type of movement when the spinal discs are out of alignment.

As with any type of body pain, doctors classify two types–acute pain and chronic pain. Acute back pain rarely lasts over six weeks.

Acute back pain may include back muscle injury, possible torn discs, spinal dislocation, and possible spinal . Physicians advise careful transportation of any back injury patients to protect the spine from possible permanent paralysis.

Chronic back pain or long-term pain can result from falling, car accidents, improperly lifting, or even yard work injuries. Chronic pain is ongoing and will usually not go away without some treatment method.

When a patient cannot identify the reason for back pain, it could be because the patient practices improper postures in everyday activities. Muscle stiffness that can include spasms with pain can be reduced by a care professional offering techniques to improve their posture.

A person who pays attention to proper posture while sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and sleeping can reduce overuse back injuries. A health provider assessing how a person carries their body during these activities can often provide relief for their patient.

Some higher-risk patients are more susceptible to back injuries, especially within a work environment. Having a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, bone deformities, osteoporosis, or osteoarthritis increases the chances of injury.

Back injury and back pain is the top cause of visits to physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. By taking precautions against any risk factors, prevention is the best way to avoid these physician visits.

prevent back pain

Know Your Limits

A person needs to understand their body limitations to minimize overexertion to their back. It is helpful for a person to continually monitor their posture and avoid activities that can be strenuous on their back and their neck.

A person must follow proper lifting techniques by using their legs and avoiding added strain on their spinal area. While walking or standing, a person must try to stand up straight, stretch, walk around, and not forget to rest. If a person is sitting all day, it is helpful to avoid slouching and have an ergonomically appropriate desk and chair.

Get Active, Get Healthy

By strengthening the back through exercise at least two times per week, a person can prevent many back injuries. By learning proper movements while strengthening and stretching muscles, people can improve their daily activities.

strengthen your body

Another way to prevent back injuries and pain is to maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet. Patients who are overweight sometimes have difficulty maintaining proper postures during activities. Also, by keeping bones healthy by getting adequate vitamin D and calcium, a person can reduce the chance of osteoporosis as they age.

Chiropractors or Physical Therapists can often treat back pain that does not require medical or surgical intervention. Chiropractors can help patients maintain alignment by adjusting and offering assessments and programs to reduce back pain. Physical Therapists can treat a patient’s back pain from disease through body evaluations beyond the spine and lean body.

Many back injury patients use both Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in their healing programs. The expertise of the professionals can be beneficial to patients by bringing awareness to their body movement and their environment and protecting them from injury. For those of you in Everett and surrounding cities in Snohomish County, reach out to Everett Spine & Rehab for your back pain and spine issues.

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