Recovering from Back Surgery: Top 4 Things You Need to Know

Your recovery from back surgery may take six months to a year. It will take at least 3 to 4 months for bones to heal well. The recovery time frame depends on the type of back surgery and your health before the surgery.

For you to recover as quickly as possible, it is helpful to follow this advice:

1. Follow the Instructions of Your Surgeon and Other Specialists

The medical specialists partner with you to expedite your recovery and help you return to your regular daily routine. Be proactive and be sure to understand all the instructions for your well-being in the hospital and your return home.

Communicate your daily routines to the surgeon, nurses, and physical therapists while still in the hospital. Ensure you have all your post-surgery instructions in writing and make personal notes about your recovery for future reference.

2. Get Moving

Your rest is important, but starting physical therapy as soon as possible is advantageous. Many doctors order physical therapy within 24 hours of your surgery.

Hospital staff may help you with range-of-motion exercises that will help strengthen your arms and legs. They will also get you up walking, which is good therapy for upper and lower spinal surgeries.


get moving
Walking is typically recommended for post surgery exercise

3. Be Patient

Back surgery is a severe bodily event and an event you should not take lightly. It will take time to heal, and rushing your daily activities may cause a longer recovery.

Understand that you may need to do things differently than you have before–at least for a while. Discuss activity plans for getting out of bed, sitting in a chair, getting dressed, lifting and carrying, driving, and going back to work with your physical therapists, and in some cases, your chiropractor. With an appropriate plan, you can make realistic and safe goals.

4. Manage Pain Effectively

Your physician may have prescribed pain medication while you were in the hospital, but exploring other options as soon as possible will be beneficial to your health.

Changes to your post-surgical movement may also cause pain. Case studies have explored the benefits of Chiropractic care after back surgery that has given patients some pain relief. Non-operative and nonpharmacologic options for your pain management are worth exploring.

Before, during, and after your back surgery, assembling a team of experts to support you during the process is most advantageous for your swift recovery. We encourage you to come visit Everett Spine & Rehab to learn more. We can perform an evaluation and find a treatment plan that would work for you. Call us now at 425-347-8614 to schedule your appointment.

If you are proactive and communicate your needs and follow the instruction of your assembled experts, you will be back to your daily activities as quickly as possible.

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