5 Reasons You Would Need to Seek Physical Therapy

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) defines a physical therapist as a trained healthcare professional who can help patients manage their pain, restore physical movement, prevent disability, and diagnose mobility abnormalities.

Physical therapists are critical in helping patients achieve their goals and lead full, independent lives. They can be found in many healthcare centers, including private practices, hospitals, schools, rehab centers, and more.

Physical therapists assist patients through all the phases of healing, from diagnosis to restorative care to recovery.

While there are many benefits to physical therapy, the most common include:

Manage Your Pain

Pain can originate from many different sources, from chronic pain to an unexpected injury.  Physical therapy helps patients locate the source of their pain and manage it. Physical therapists are trained to treat patients with what they need using hands-on therapy, gentle aerobic movement, strengthening and conditioning, and therapy.

Recover From or Avoid Surgery

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help aid your healing process in the way only a trained professional can. Recovering from an invasive surgery can take a long time, but physical therapy can strengthen your musculoskeletal system while helping with pain and mobility.

Healing can sometimes involve retraining muscles and minimizing scar tissue, which is why your physical therapist will tailor your recovery so that you can recover from surgery or even avoid it.

Improve Your Flexibility and Balance

Have you ever woken up and immediately regretted it? Without taking care of our bodies through stretching or exercise, stiff necks, back pain, and cramped legs can become common. The good thing is that physical therapy can help you be more mobile and less rigid.

Your physical therapist will develop a specialized individual treatment plan and may use assisted devices like crutches, prescribed orthotics, and more.


Heal Injuries

You don’t need to participate in sports to experience fractures, sprains, inflamed joints, and sore muscles. Physical therapists can help patients work through past injuries through a regimen of safe physical activities that will help them heal safely and even avoid future injuries.

Anyone can benefit from physical therapy, even the very young and very old. Healing and recovery often need active participation from those suffering. Physical therapists can help you learn how your body’s own biomechanics work, which allows you to move seamlessly through life.


Manage Diabetes and Other Health-Related Diseases

People with high blood pressure (hypertension), low vitamin deficiencies, and diabetes can control their blood sugar and improve their heart rate through exercise. Patients who have diabetes may have low sensations in their feet and legs. A physical therapist can educate patients on proper foot care and how to spot any potential issues.

Patients with pulmonary problems can significantly improve their quality of life through breathing exercises and strengthening. Another way PT can help is by managing neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Physical therapists are trained to advise individuals about their need for treatment and how they can benefit from PT.

Do you have any questions about how physical therapy can aid you or someone you love? Feel free to ask your primary care physician or any PT for advice.


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