Snohomish County Slowly Reopens

It seems like time has slowed in the last two months as the nation (and world) began sheltering-in-place amidst this pandemic. But now in the U.S. all 50 states are partially reopen and in Snohomish county, Phase 2 is underway. Phase 1 saw essential businesses and essential travel reopening as well as some outdoor recreation being allowed (hunting, fishing, golf, boating and hiking). With Phase 2, many other businesses will reopen with restrictions (retail, hair and nail salons, restaurants, professional services) and all outdoor recreation involving fewer than 5 people outside your household will be permitted. (source: Washington’s Phased Approach. For updated guidance for outdoor recreation, please go here.)

Snohomish County: COVID

Before you start planning a family trip to beach or a gathering at the park, it’s still important to adhere to social distancing guidelines when going outside. Further, protect yourself and your loved ones by doing the following if you want to partake in outdoor activities:

  • Social distancing: you know the drill–stay at least 6 feet apart from others. Yes, this includes when you’re at the lake, beach, park, etc.
  • Wash hands often: 20 seconds with soap and water. If you cannot, use hand sanitizer.
  • Wear cloth face coverings: facial coverings may help you prevent others from getting sick. Those under 2 years of age or those who have trouble breathing should not wear cloth face coverings. More on how to correct wear one.
  • Avoid group-sports: especially with people from outside your home. Stick to things like biking, running, golfing as they can be done from a distance.
  • Wear sunscreen: even it looks cloudy, UV rays still come through. Make sure to wear sunscreen to protect from skin cancer.
  • Avoid high-touch and shared surfaces: that means playground equipment, tables, benches etc.
  • Avoid sharing food and drink: if you are going to be gathering with another family, you should not share food, drink, dishes or utensils with them. Bring your own food and drink.

And remember: Gov. Jay Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order requires Washingtonians to stay home as much as possible except for allowable activities. Read about Everett Spine & Rehab’s COVID response.

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