Recent Studies Documenting the Benefits of Massage Therapy and Beyond

In observance of National Sleep Awareness Month, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) highlights recent research demonstrating the positive effects of massage on sleep quality. With significant portions of the U.S. population reporting inadequate rest, including those with chronic sleep disorders, understanding these benefits is crucial.

Studies have shown that classical foot massage can effectively reduce insomnia and anxiety in preeclamptic pregnant women, while parent-led massage contributes to improved sleep quality and potential brain development benefits in infants.

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Additionally, therapeutic touch has been found to enhance sleep quality in menopausal women.

AMTA emphasizes the importance of quality sleep for overall health and wellness, citing its role in heart health, hormone regulation, immune function, and physical recovery. As a trusted advocate for massage therapy, AMTA promotes its use as a natural alternative to prescription medication for addressing sleep issues.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

A recent clinical trial published in JAMA Network Open examined the effectiveness of acupuncture and massage therapy for musculoskeletal pain in 298 patients with advanced cancer. Both treatments were found to significantly reduce pain, fatigue, and insomnia while improving the patients’ quality of life over 26 weeks.

The study addressed the need for non-pharmacological pain management options due to the limitations and side effects of opioid medications, especially amid the opioid crisis. The IMPACT trial (Integrative Medicine for Pain in Patients with Advanced Cancer Trial) included patients with advanced cancer experiencing musculoskeletal pain and compared the outcomes of acupuncture and massage therapy. Results showed that more than 50% of patients in both groups experienced a clinical response, with no significant difference in effectiveness between acupuncture and massage. Common side effects included soreness and headache for massage and bleeding, localized pain, and bruising for acupuncture. However, the study had limitations such as the lack of sham or control groups, clinician and patient blinding, and limited generalizability to community settings. Nonetheless, the findings suggest that acupuncture and massage therapy could be valuable integrative modalities for improving pain management and patient outcomes in advanced cancer cases.

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Recent Studies Documenting the Benefits of Massage Therapy and Beyond
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Recent Studies Documenting the Benefits of Massage Therapy and Beyond
What kind of studies show the benefits of massage therapy? What kind of health benefits can we all get from massage?
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