Why Are Some Medical Doctors Against Chiropractic?

It's unfortunate and not all that surprising to hear some medical doctors object over chiropractic treatment.

So why are some medical doctors still against chiropractic? Well, without getting too deep into the political side of things on this topic, I will say that there are big corporate interests continually promoting pharmaceutical prescription medications, surgeries and costly procedures which generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Think about it. Who benefits when a prescription is written? The doctor, the patient, the pharmacy, pharmaceutical sales rep, the pharmaceutical company and the shareholders of the stock on Wall Street. That's 7 , 8, 9, 10 entities and people that can benefit from that service.

Who benefits when you see a chiropractor? The patient and the chiropractor. There are no middle men in the profession lobbying one way or the other.

In essence, we are always fighting the corporate machine and lobbyists that continually try to brainwash our medical schools and doctors into thinking medications and surgery is the only way to do things.

In this situation, chiropractic is like David, the corporate Goliath. Don't get me wrong. There are not a lot of good doctors out there that may not be influenced by any of that. In fact, I have worked with may of these doctors over the past two decades.

The other reasons some doctors don't recommended chiropractic care is because they have either not kept up with their research or just don't know enough about chiropractic and how we can help their patients and the public as a whole.

There are medical schools now that teach the same adjustments techniques that we have learned as chiropractors.

Physical therapists, in fact, created a doctoral program for physical therapists that includes mobilization and manipulation of the spine identical to what we do as chiropractors

Doctors of osteopathy, DOs, they adjust their patients. And regardless of the dwindling few doctors, what they have to say about chiropractic, we know what value we bring to our patients.

Further at this clinic, we work with your primary care providers, your family doctors, specialists, physicians assistants and nurses in a collaborative effort to provide you with the best treatment options and care to get you better.

We are well integrated into medical community while upholding and preserving the natural and holistic values of chiropractic care.

If you would like to learn more about what we do as chiropractors, please come see us. Call 425-347-8614 for a complimentary appointment.

- Dr. Gurmit Gill, Everett Spine & Rehab

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