What Happens During a Sports Physical?


Whether you play football, soccer, hockey, basketball, softball or any sport for that matter– you’ll likely need a sports physical. This goes for both adults and kids. But what exactly is a sports physical and what does it entail?

Being in sports puts your body through a lot of vigorous activity. Sports physicals can help an athlete make sure their bodies and in healthy condition to continue to play their sport of choice. In other words, it promotes health and safety for the participant.  In many cases with school sports and as required by law in some states, the sports physical is a prerequisite before being able to enter the sport (a preparticipation physica evaluation or PPEl).

During the physical the doctor will take several measurements and do a few tests. They will record you height and weight, take your blood pressure, measure your pulse and test your joints and flexibility. Your vision will be tested and your lungs, heart, nose, ear and throat will be evaluated. Additionally the physician will review your medical history– this includes finding out about past injuries and current conditions.

More information on sports physicals can be found at MedlinePlus.gov.

The exam can take approximately 20-30 minutes. Before you arrive at your appointment, be sure to bring any medical records for your doctor to review. If you’re a local to Snohomish County, we would love to see you or your child. For more information on sports physicals or if you have any concerns, we are here to help (425) 347-8614.

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