How to Raise Healthy Kids

Dr. Gill from Everett Spine and Rehab, an all-in-one clinic handling chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and massage therapy, speaks today about how to raise healthy children.

How do we plant seeds to grow healthy kids. Like planting and gardening, wonderful seeks and a lot of TLC, planting the seeds to grow healthy kids requires lot of specific choices that's really easy though especially with the vast amount of information out there buzzing around talking about how to direct you on the right way to raise your kids. the best thing to do when it comes to growing your kids up right is keep it simple, keep it natural, and healthy.

How do we make smart dietary decisions? well, it's never easy to deal with food choices in kids--they're picky and often only like to eat stuff that is not really good for them. sugars, sodas, things like that. Still it's important to fuel your kids with healthy foods that will help them grow strong like chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, some dairy and monounsaturated fats. Everything in moderation of course. Childhood obesity is a huge issue nowadays so remember that portion control is going to be essential. Further, healthy snacks, citrus water and exercise will also help curb those issues a well. How do you get your child the sleep they need it's a fact of like kids need to sleep the amount of sleep they deed depends on their age it and dramatically affect the mood how they do in school and their overall health and wellness. Too much sleep deprivation can result in serious things like depression healthy issues and so much more. That's why setting a regular bedtime routine is so so important for kids. adding some fun things to their routine that you know they enjoy if you have older kids turn off the gadgets before they go to bed, and encourage some reading instead. in fact, electronic usage can really wreak havoc on your kids sleep. Blue light is something that I'm sure you've heard of --phones emit blue light it affects the way that they process light and it keeps them up at night affecting their dreams, affecting their sleep resulting in not a goods nights reds.

reduce tech
Reduce tech for kids

Another things that is very important for children make sure they are getting enough essential exercise as a part of their overall health. Encourage your kids to get outside and avoid tech and electronic slumps that come from handling gadgets, video games, cell phones, you name it. Exercise helps your child sleep better fight stress and encourages healthier brains function. Try out some team sports, taking the dog for a walk or working out together to at least get the ball rolling

How do we boost health naturally? Try adding in natural non-invasive things to your child's routine like visit to the chiropractor. Just like kids needs to see their dentist regularly, they also need to make sure that their nervous system is free form blockages or interference to keep up strong immune system. Schedule a chiropractic wellness check for your child. This is healthcare maintenance, not disease maintenance as is the essence of our American healthcare system-- the treatment of symptoms once the problems manifest themselves. Healthcare maintenance on the other hand assures that symptoms never happen for the body is healthy and fully functional for a lifetime. Thus, the happy child who becomes a happy adult who never knows illness or disease. That's our mission and our goal in our clinic. So whether you need chiropractic care for your child, or physical therapy, we are here for you. Our office is in Everett, in Snohomish County.  Thank you

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