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What Are Trigger Point Injections and Why Would I Need Them?

Trigger Point Injections (TPI) are a medical procedure used to alleviate muscle pain and discomfort caused by trigger points. Trigger points are small, tight knots or bands of muscle fibers that form when muscles fail to relax after contraction. These points can be a source of localized pain or may refer pain to other areas of the body. Trigger point…

Work Conditioning in Everett, WA

What is Work Conditioning and Why Do I Need It?

Accidents happen, whether they’re at home or at work. When you get hurt on the job, the last thing on your mind is getting back to work. You want to relieve your pain and heal. However, depending on your injury, healing time and getting “back to normal” will vary. If you’ve suffered from a fall at work, for example, the…

common workplace injuries

Common Workplace Injuries

As much as an employer tries to prevent workplace injuries (or perhaps not in all cases, unfortunately), accidents still happen. A workplace injury is simply any injury that occurs while you’re on the job. Injuries can be minor (cuts and scrapes), to severe (head and back injuries, broken bones etc.). They can happen suddenly or slowly over time. Common scenarios/work…

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