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text neck syndrome

Text-Neck: What is It and Ways to Avoid

Neck pain is a widespread problem, primarily reported in adults. Yet, neck pain experienced in adulthood often starts with our actions as adolescents. Text-neck, in particular, is causing neck problems to be much more common in people under 18. On average, adolescents spend five to seven hours a day looking at their phones. This doesn’t include time spent looking at…

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Neck Pain Relief, From Home Remedies to Physical Therapy

Neck pain. One minute everything is fine, and then Bam! You turn the wrong way, pull your neck, and everything in your day stops. It’s a fairly common occurrence. About two-thirds of all people will experience non-specific neck pain in their lifetime. It is more common among middle age people, particularly women. Sometimes, however, neck pain is due to an…

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