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Osteoarthritis: Management and Treatment

Osteoarthritis–while it’s widespread affecting millions worldwide, it’s also frequently misunderstood, leaving many grappling with its effects. Our aim here is to unravel the complexities of osteoarthritis, from its definition and underlying mechanisms to its profound impact on individuals’ daily lives. By gaining a deeper understanding of this condition, we can develop more effective strategies for managing and treating it. What…

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Help for Hip and Joint Pain

Hip and joint pain is difficult to ignore. The victims endure the pain with every movement until the road to healing is mapped out by a specialist. Many circumstances of hip and joint pain benefit from non-surgical treatment as the first option. Patient education and behavior modification has been successful in reducing pain and swelling without surgery. Programs and resources…

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Joint Pain? Should You Use Ice or Heat?

  Ice or heat? That’s the question…when it comes to joint pain. Today Dr. Gill talks about whether you should use ice or heat for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, basically any kind of joint pain you might be having. Speaking in general terms, ice is usually the best for acute conditions meaning the injury happened in…

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Why Do My Joints Hurt When It’s Cold or Hot Outside?

Have you ever noticed that when the temperature outside changes (like when the season changes or there is a significant temperature shift), you begin to feel a bit more pain (or achiness) in your joints? Osteoarthritis (commonly referred to as a “wear-and-tear” arthritis) sufferers seem to lament on this specific issue. In a study of European osteoarthritis sufferers, approximately 67%…

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