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Sports Injury and Treatment with our Everett Chiropractor

No matter how careful you try to be, a sports injury might still occur. Although you couldn’t control the sudden impact or strain, Everett Spine & Rehab offers natural recovery solutions.

Chiropractor treating patient with a sports injury

What Injuries Usually Require Sports Therapy?

Most of the people from Everett, WA who come to us for rehabilitation help do not break any bones. However, they still feel pain for the following reasons:

  • Ankle sprains and shin splints – Your ankle muscles and ligaments could twist and tear while you move your foot into an awkward position. You also could feel throbbing in the front of your shins resulting from too much strain after running.
  • Knee injuries – A ligament tear, particularly to the ACL connecting the shin bone to the thigh bone, is a common one. The same is true of the posterior one (PCL). You also might suffer consequences of any action that causes you to repeatedly move your kneecap against your thigh bone.
  • Hamstring sprain – This usually results in a muscle tear. It sometimes is so severe it requires crutches.
  • Groin injury – Sometimes, this happens when running, kicking, or jumping. It also occurs when suddenly twisting positions such as when maneuvering around a team opponent.
  • Tennis Elbow – In this case, you would feel pain on the outside of your arm and between your forearm and elbow.

Benefits of Everett Spine & Rehab Sports Physiotherapy Solutions

Whenever possible, we find a way to treat your condition without medication. In addition, we offer non-surgical solutions for relieving pain, inflammation, and discomfort of all kinds. For instance, we often use acupuncture to pinpoint targeted injury areas such as the knees, lower back, or ankle. Certain decompression procedures also would help relieve pressure in problem areas in some cases.

Along with decompression, massages also can release tension, and therapeutic exercise routines will help restore injured parts. Usually, the goal is to gradually improve the ease at which you can move joints without stiffness or pain. In the event medicine could help you, we provide neuropathic medicine options for natural relief that will stimulate your recovery.

Make an appointment at our Everett, WA Sports Injury Clinic Today

We want you to recover to the state you were as much as possible before your sports injury. Please call Everett Spine & Rehab and sports injury clinic at (425) 347-8614. Otherwise, stop in at our Everett, WA office to make an appointment today.

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