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Neck Pain Treatment at Everett Spine & Rehab

Our Everett Spine & Rehab team understands that neck pain affects many peoples work and daily activities. By offering a variety of treatments for neck pain relief, our professionals take an individualized approach to provide you the relief you need.

Woman with neck pain needs chiropractic care in Everett.

Different Types Of Neck Pain

There is a variety of different types of neck pain, ranging from mild to severe. Everyone likely experiences some type of neck pain at some point in his or her life. Never dismiss your neck pain as minor because doing so possibly leads to increasingly severe pain and other symptoms if there is an undiagnosed issue warranting further evaluation and treatment.

Injuries to the neck or cervical spine area require comprehensive analysis and appropriate treatment, due to the possibility of whiplash, muscles, ligaments or other structures being forced outside their normal range, pinched nerve in neck area pain or fractures affecting the C-spine.

Muscles strains and sprains result in symptoms ranging from stiffness, aching, localized pain or pain that affects the shoulders, head or back. Cervical arthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated discs are other types of neck pain and have the potential to result in a variety of symptoms.

Very Well Health reports that neck sprains sometimes produce symptoms beyond the C-spine, such as a sore throat, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty sleeping or mood changes. Let our Everett Spine & Rehab chiropractor know if you have these symptoms. While sometimes considered minor, muscle strains are sometimes associated with nerve damage.

Causes of Neck Pain

Automobile accidents and sports injuries sometimes result in twisting or jerking the neck, resulting in whiplash or other injuries. Bending over a desk, your mobile devices or computer are common causes of neck pain that lead patients to seek neck pain relief at Everett Spine & Rehab. Poor posture also contributes to neck pain, particularly if exhibiting poor posture is a habit.

How Our Chiropractor in Everett Can Help Treat Neck Pain

Our chiropractors at Everett Spins & Rehab use a variety of methods to treat neck pain. The type of neck pain that you have and the cause of the pain help our chiropractor devise a neck pain treatment plan based on your individual condition and needs.

We use methods such as ongoing chiropractic care and therapeutic massage. Several studies demonstrate that patients receiving therapeutic massage, acupuncture and other chiropractic treatments often fare better than those receiving traditional treatments. 

Acupuncture aids in reducing neck pain, as does physical therapy and other methods we use while emphasizing a whole-body approach to neck pain treatment.  To learn how our chiropractor can help, contact Everett Spine & Rehab today for evaluation and treatment of your neck pain.

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